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The Engaged Intelligence® Vision

Our unique combination of Consulting and IT experience, expertise and solutions will empower companies to begin or enhance their agile and lean journey while providing the platform for businesses to deliver a premium work experience for their staff. This will allow them to be more productive, happy and engaged with the business than ever before.

We will deliver this by:

  • Utilising class leading software solutions and expertise
  • Delivering Consulting and Project Management for Effective implementation
  • Coaching & Consulting services to maintain and further enhance the service experience and deliverables

We aim to be transformational and make our customers evangelists for EI by delivering vision, innovation and excellence. This is not just a collection of HR & Related Tools, but a pro-active approach for improvement.

Your Potential Challenges

We are cognisant of the fact not all teams gel and work well together and will be causing both pain for your leaders and potential dysfunction. Our unique blend of bespoke discovery process, coaching, consulting and facilitation will improve overall functionality and performance

Our Approach

Our approach is founded on the principles of bringing together 4 key elements which are Business, People, Technology & Customers founded under the pillars and key outcomes of Engagement, Success and Wellbeing. This is what we mean by Engaged Intelligence® and we will use fully integrated App technology to deliver this.


ROI Examples

Our  Productivity Index is all about how the physical systems are working in real time and  providing the staff with the optimum performance.  In the case of sub-optimal performance then the employee can react quickly and get help.
Our Engagement index is about how teams are interacting with each other and the systems, such that they can improve internal and external relations as a means of driving performance. Again this is real time. The combination of the two gives leaders the opportunity to develop the individuals and teams in a supportive way. Ultimately our client stakeholder is the leader investing in our services and their staff are the clients. This approach generates Engaged Intelligence®


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We would love to talk to innovative
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Our approach is built around connecting the silos in a way that teams can function effectively, with solid and agile communication and founded on strong real time data. We will connect people with data, and vice versa. The importance of integration will be effected through training, workshops and practical activities.