Leaders and key stakeholders understand that business is more
effective and successful by bringing concepts,
business principles, appropriate structures,
engaged employees and passion for improvement together.

Engaged Intelligence - why we started


We all belong to a generation that values sharing and the ability to access content, knowledge and ideas – easily and on demand.

We all believe in work life balance, working smarter and the welfare of our team.

We all want to contribute while also embracing the ideas and skills of others to boost productivity and innovation.

On Demand Access and Sharing



The appropriate discovery of existing challenges is the key to successful transformation and is the first stage in the EI process

We take both an inclusive and pragmatic approach for both hard and soft data gathering, where your staff are fully engaged in our process

How Do We Really Arrive There?



Your teams and the individuals within them are your greatest assets. Having your teams fully focused and the members fully engaged is the key to improved performance. As a business leader you will appreciate that their welfare is a critical asset on the journey to transformation.

The EI extensive knowledge of team coaching and facilitation, will both enable and support the improvement seamlessly. We will work with you to ensure your teams are functioning effectively with our world class people and approach.

Collective Understanding



EI delivers the latest technology-based performance solutions that are fully integrated with the soft skills experience of our consulting team.

The initial phase of any engagement will be a discovery process utilising our robust and insightful technology while working alongside your teams.

Engaged Intelligently



The teams’ knowledge will be harnessed and expanded in the system. There will be a strong process of capture, enhancement and retention that will deliver the results the business needs.

This will be the springboard for further future success and greater self-learning with more powerful interactions.

We would love to talk to innovative
and inspiring leaders

Our approach is built around connecting the silos in a way that teams can function effectively, with solid and agile communication and founded on strong real time data. We will connect people with data, and vice versa. The importance of integration will be effected through training, workshops and practical activities.