The EI Revolution

Engaged Intelligence® is leading a revolution in the way that employees are fully engaged in the business as a means of driving personal and business performance. This is achieved by bringing the business and employees together. The revolution is around how EI uses and presents information then drives the evolution of continued and deeper engagement of your employees in such a way they act as your “Lighthouses”.

Engaged Intelligence - why we started


The ability to see your business as a single entity instead a set of disconnected silos.

Connecting your business, people, technology and clients and understand how any of these affects the others

Improving insights across the business, finding, fixing and improving welfare and performance

Technology and People in Harmony


Business Innovation

A workplace where everyone is heard, and ideas aren't lost

Technology that enhances collaboration.

A future where sentiment and facts come together to provide deeper understanding.

Transformation - projects transformed - with fact based baselining and measurable outcomes.

Delivering contemporary change


Normal Operations

Our discovery based approach and ongoing collection and analysis of measurable, actionable data, not only delivers benefit for your new projects but also supports the innovation and improvement of your business as usual operations.

Improved knowledge capture and dissemination will also drive improvement, satisfaction and performance.

Evolution and growth



You will have heard of the New Normal, perhaps even the Next Normal. but the truth is that in the future there will be No Normal. Change will be constant and evolutionary.

Engaged Intelligence® isn’t simply a point impact and retreat exercise, we work with you and your teams to empower every person’s ability to contribute, in order to drive faster, better and more informed decisions.


We would love to talk to innovative
and inspiring leaders

Our approach is built around connecting the silos in a way that teams can function effectively, with solid and agile communication and founded on strong real time data. We will connect people with data, and vice versa. The importance of integration will be effected through training, workshops and practical activities.