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Engaged Intelligence®

Engaged Intelligence - why we started

Why we started Engaged Intelligence®

Your organisation is a powerhouse of knowledge and intelligence. Some you know exists and some you don’t. Your potential can be disconnected or even locked away. It is time for a totally new approach that brings together business, people, technology, and clients.

We see this as a transformational approach with the focus on the leaders and the employees. This is not another cookie cutter approach built from standard work packages

The world doesn’t need another disconnected silo

Even the most agile and engaged businesses tend to become “siloed” where functions and departments can become disconnected with each other. Matrix organisations can be extremely powerful, balancing the benefits of functions and line organisations, but the success is dependent on strong communication, engagement, and relevant information. The aim is to improve personal, team and corporate productivity as a way of enabling the business to grow and reduce unnecessary waste.


What We Offer?

An innovative and exciting approach. Engaging everyone in your business. Connecting hard facts, ideas and sentiment, the known and unknown.

In short, we deliver Engaged Intelligence®, EI.

We offer simple and scalable pricing based on EI Elements not arbitrary packages. Clients have the opportunity to partner with us in different ways to best suit their needs. This approach is scalable and is not one size fits all. Our aim is to help you drive your business based on data, information and engagement in an agile way.

We would love to talk to innovative
and inspiring leaders

Our approach is built around connecting the silos in a way that teams can function effectively, with solid and agile communication and founded on strong real time data. We will connect people with data, and vice versa. The importance of integration will be effected through training, workshops and practical activities.